• pic Reduces the risk
    of heart attack and stroke
  • pic Protects from
    renal failure
  • pic Prevents

Each of us can become a victim of diabetes


Official WHO data:

The number of people with diabetes increased by 4 times over the past 30 years . There are 422 million people suffering from diabetes in the world nowadays.
It's like Russia, Turkey, Germany, Spain and Italy all combined.

Diabetes progresses in the absence of a proper supportive therapy!


'A fully-fledged life
with type 2 diabetes is possible'

It is harmful for all internal organs to bring down the blood sugar level drastically. Strong fluctuations in glucose level
can cause serious disorders in the kidney, blood vessels,
eyes and heart.
To avoid this, sugar level must be controlled and reduced gradually.

Use only certified genuine phytogenic drugs to treat type 2 diabetes. Sugar level can be reduced smoothly and stably with such drugs.

One experiences less hunger and thirst when the normal sugar and insulin level is kept.
And your general physical and mental state as well as your health will be improving.

3 effects of Dialine on a high
quality of life in type 2 diabetes are the following:

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    The reduction of
    blood sugar level

    Helps glucose to be converted
    into energy and to produce insulin
    when glucose gets into the blood

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    Normalization of weight
    and metabolism

    Promotes appetite and
    metabolism normalization,
    reduction of sweet craving

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    The restoration of
    the internal organs

    Sustains the heart, kidneys, eyes,
    blood vessels and tissues
    in a functional state

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Dialine components' efficiency
for diabetes control has been repeatedly confirmed







Dialine efficiency is confirmed by clinical studies

Results of the 3 year lasting randomized double blind controlled research

  • check A long-term reduction of the sugar
    level by 30-40%
  • check It can be safely taken for
    diabetes control within 72 weeks
  • check No negative adverse effects
    are caused

Sugar level

mmol /L




Fasting plasma glucose: 9,4 arrow 7,0

Postprandial blood glucose: 13,9 arrow 9,6

Real people. Real results


Peter, 49 years old


An amazing remedy! Previously, I had to drink a handful of pills, and now I take only Dialine one time per day. There were no attacks after I started taking it. I've even stopped watching for sugar lately. I feel great. I've been taking Dialine for a little more than a month.

Mary, 53 years old


I've been suffering from type 2 diabetes for many years. Blood sugar level could vary from 3.2 to 13 per day. After taking Dialine, sugar began to change in the range of 5-6, that is in the reference range. Sense of well-being has also appeared.

Sam, 51 years old


I like Dialine capsules very much. I started taking them two months ago and I've already felt significant improvement. Sugar level decreased from 12 to 6, the extra weight - from 92 kg to 80 kg, and my legs stopped swelling. Moreover, the strength and vitality came. I recommend it to everybody. Dialine is the best remedy for diabetes.

Ann, 33 years old


Not only is the diabetes dangerous to health, but it is such an unpleasant illness in terms of regular limits! I even lost a taste for life after I was diagnosed with having this disease at the age of 25. But I stopped visiting my endocrinologist after he said that my type of diabetes could not be cured or something like that. I used to think that there's no hopeless case in the world and I still think so. Time proved that I am right. Dialine managed to force my pancreas to produce the required amount of insulin, which regulates sugar in the blood. My general condition has also stabilised as dizziness has disappeared and I've stopped getting tired easily after short walks. Thanks to Dialine, I have the same lifestyle now as my friends without diabetes have. And that's so cool!

Sam, 42 years old


I could not find a good remedy for a long time, the one which would reduce sugar and enable me to have a normal lifestyle. I've been suffering from diabetes since childhood. Thus, I'm forced to adapt and to take constantly some medicine, so that to feel perfectly fine. I'm the Manager of a successful company. So, I must look well. What I want to say is that diabetes is not a death sentence now. My mother is also a diabetic, but there were no such effective remedies as Dialine previously. My diabetes specialist recommended me Dialine because it has a completely natural and safe formula. Now both my mother and I take Dialine. I feel like this is the most effective remedy for diabetes control. And my glucose meter proves it.

Christine, 65 years old


Diabetes caused obesity and a constant blood pressure discontinuity because the heart had already started to falter due to high blood sugar level. Constant thirst and constant trips to the toilet as well made my life a hell. Thanks to Dialine, I was able to significantly reduce sugar in blood and urine without any special remedies and exhausting diets. This was confirmed with laboratory tests of blood and urine for glucose, which I'd submitted to, so that to make sure that the drug had really helped me. At first I couldn't believe that there might be such a positive and rapid effect! I felt much better as there was no pressure discontinuity anymore and I even had to stop taking antihypertensive drugs, which I'd been taking for many years. Moreover, I've lost 15 pounds for 4 months. I feel great.

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How to medicate with Dialine

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    1 capsule per day
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    Regardless of the meal

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Diabetes appeared regardless of your desire.

But how much high the quality of your life will be depends only on You.

  • pic Reduces the risk
    of heart attack and stroke
  • pic Protects from renal
  • pic Prevents